Valmet Automotive - EMI/EMC simulation

FITech diplomityö
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EMI/EMC simulation


Perform EMI/EMC analysis using computational electromagnetics modeling and simulation tools

Use simulation throughout the product development cycle, compare different concepts and design variations with respect to EMC ability. The practical work content shall contain at least one prototype cycle

Evaluate various EMC aspects, e.g. comparing different component locations in a system or optimizing cable routing paths to minimize coupling in order to predict and mitigate potential EMC issues much earlier in the process

Use simulations to give in-depth insight into the root cause of EMC issues and in the development of more robust solutions

Perform transient analysis like Electrostatic Discharge in time and frequency domain in order to predict effect of transient pulses to electronic circuits directly or indirectly

Gather required information from cross functional team on scope of analysis

Responsible for model set-up, executing analysis, post processing and documentation of results


Master of Science degree studies in Electrical Engineering, Electronics or Power electronics

Practical experience of electronics in a benefit