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We want more… Women in Tech!

More women for technology industries. Why do women rarely choose a career path in technology? Why are girls not interested in sciences and mathematics in school? Maybe we are lacking inspirational female role models from the top of the technology world. Technology companies are in great need of the skills and knowledge of women.

Women In Tech 2013 Forum was organised for the first time in October 15th 2013 to get together all men and women with a keen interest in the future of business and technology. See Materiaalit section for pictures and materials. Programme of the event (.pdf)

Women in Tech Week will be organised 5-9 October, 2015. Women in Tech 2015 Forum, under the theme "Make a difference!", will be the key event of the week.

Women in Tech activities aim to discuss how women could have a larger role in creating success stories in business and technology.

For more information: Piia Simpanen, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, piia.simpanen(at)


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